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Lenormand by J.E. Stretch

This deck beautifully illustrates the Lenormand with vintage photography and illustrations set on the corresponding pages of a dictionary.

Lenormand by J.E. Stretch

The Lenormand is a cartomancy system named after the famous reader, Marie Le Normand.

A Lenormand reading is traditionally interpreted based on the placement of the ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ cards, in response to which this deck includes an additional Man and Woman with reversed numberings to allow for same-sex readings, or a choice of artwork. I have also included two new signifier cards which are unique to this deck: The Mirrors. These are replacements for the Man and Woman without race, age, gender, or sexuality, designed to reflect whoever is looking at them.

The tuck box is matte black and finished with gold foiling detail, inspired by the black and gold designs common of 19th century mourning cards.

The first printing was published in 2020. 300gsm cardstock. 40 cards.

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