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The Stretch Tarot

The original deck. Featuring vintage imagery altered in a modern way, the unique style of The Stretch Tarot is designed to illuminate traditional meanings with a new light.

The Stretch Tarot

Two years in the making, The Stretch Tarot was my first deep dive into the world of Tarot, and the creation of the deck was a part of my personal journey to study and understand the cards. Inspired largely by the Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism, I searched for public domain images to create the handmade collages for each card. The original artwork was then scanned or photographed to produce the images for the finished deck.
This edition of the Stretch Tarot has the standard 78 cards printed on 300gsm cardstock and comes packaged in a tuck box.

First released in 2016, the original Stretch Tarot deck was crowd funded through Kickstarter and self-published. This site and the Stretch Tarot business were set up as a small press to distribute the deck.
In 2020, Stretch Tarot moved to a UK-based printers with the goal of making our business eco-friendlier by reducing air miles and plastic packaging.
Despite the deck’s continuing popularity, changing costs and tax laws has led to the decision to move all sales to Make Playing Cards®. This is a full-circle moment as MPC® were the original printers of the deck. Using a print-on-demand service will also maintain our goal to reduce air-miles as the decks will now be shipped direct from the printers.

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