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The Stretch Tarot: Special Edition

To commemorate the opening of The Stretch Tarot MPC® marketplace, I have created this special edition which celebrates the history of the deck.

The Stretch Tarot: Special Edition

This edition of The Stretch Tarot features 82 cards, showcasing both the original and alternative artworks for The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, II of Swords, and the VI of Pentacles.
These cards were created at the same time as the original deck, but at that time I decided not to include them in favour of the cards which were included in the original printing. However, upon revisiting the artworks, I have decided to insert them into this edition of The Stretch Tarot, making it the largest printing of the deck to date.

See the gallery below for the additional cards and their originals, all of which are included in this printing.

The Special Edition deck comes in a two-part rigid box and is printed on linen cardstock for a deluxe finish.

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